• Local Weather App

    Calls ip-api and openweathermap using AJAX/JSON format.

  • Simon Says

    A JavaScript/jQuery version of the Simon® game.

  • Wikipedia Viewer

    Wikipedia articles via a jQuery-based app.

  • Movie Quote Machine

    A random quote generator based on JavaScript/jQuery.

  • Ursula Rodgers Photography

    Built with Drupal 7 using a custom Bootstrap theme.

  • Pomodoro Time Manager

    For use of the Pomodoro technique (jQuery/JavaScript).

  • Calculator

    A basic working calculator (jQuery/JavaScript).

  • Twitch TV Streamer

    Streams selected channels using the Twitch api (jQuery/JavaScript/JSON).

  • Silly Sentence Generator

    Random words inserted into a basic sentence structure(JavaScript/jQuery).

  • Silly Sentence Generator, II

    Enter your own words to create a sentence (JavaScript/jQuery).

  • Anne Frank Tribute

    A simple Bootstrap page.


I'm an enthusiastic front-end developer with experience of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap. I've also had some experience of Drupal 7 and built a photography site using this CMS. I have a background in science, am a keen photographer and have had loads of experience using Adobe Photoshop. I love to seek new coding challenges, enjoy learning something new and continually strive to improve as a developer. Please view my github repositories for examples of my code. Thanks for visiting!